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The Baronet Who Thwarted Me: Bedlam Academy Cover Reveal

The book I’m currently serializing on Kindle Vella has a new title and cover in preparation for its e-book/paperback release next year!

Cover by Ali Lawson Book Design.

  • Title: The Baronet Who Thwarted Me: Bedlam Academy
  • Author: Amy McNulty
  • Publisher: Crimson Fox Publishing
  • Publication Date: TBA Summer 2023

Georgiana Radcliff is her family’s sacrifice. Georgiana Radcliff is Bedlam Academy’s pawn. She should never have been chosen for the Sacrament that keeps the world in balance, and she certainly shouldn’t have retained her memories of her other life when thrust through the portal door. Now she must get the notoriously rakish son of a viscount to agree to marry her or she fails the Academy’s purpose—and endangers the lives of everyone back home. If only the dashing, reclusive baronet would stop diverting her…

First serialized on Kindle Vella (originally under the title Forsworn Consort), The Baronet Who Thwarted Me: Bedlam Academy is a historical portal fantasy genre-bending romance. Part high-stakes fantasy, part Regency England-esque courtship and decorum, this story will appeal to fans of Jane Austen and Bridgerton looking for a dash of added enchantment.

Read the first three episodes for free right now on Kindle Vella.

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