Darken the Night (Hidden Myths)

DARKEN THE NIGHT, release date TBA:


Phoenyx “Nyx” Douglas feels like a damsel trapped away. Suffering from a form of light sensitivity, she’s homeschooled at night and sleeps during the day, missing out on all the typical things the other teens in Hidden Myths do. One night when her flighty, chaotic father is out on job, she goes for a walk and bumps into Eli Himura, resident bad boy and charmer extraordinaire. She falls head over heels until she has a dream about a child she’s supposed to have with him in the future—and the peril that boy is in.

No one believes her, but her dreams continue to haunt her until she decides she’s going to do whatever it takes to save this boy she can’t prove will ever come into being. With Eli’s reluctant help, they uncover what it will take: blackmailing the powerful town mayor and teaching him to fear them.

The two teens are soon in over their heads as they uncover shocking secrets and cross the line between what’s right and what’s wrong—all in service of saving a child they can only have if their burgeoning relationship survives the overwhelming danger they find themselves in.