Vines & Florets (Blood, Bloom, & Water Book Five)

VINES & FLORETS, June 8th, 2021:

A traumatized former faery champion. The beguiling former faery prince who manipulated her once before. A chance to correct the past mistakes that haunt her as the battle between blood, bloom, and water fades into memory.

Autumn Sheppard could once grow vines from her hands, but if she shared that with anyone, they’d think she was delusional. She’s spent the past ten years suppressing the nightmare of her actions during the battle between faeries, vampires, and mermaids, even as her older sister and step-sister moved on with their lives.

When Orin, the conniving faery prince, asks for her help, she wants to run, but he’s the only one who still has faith that she can make things right. Tasked with finding a fallen angel, Autumn discovers the hottest boy in school is exactly the guy she needs on her side. If only he could see past her geeky, outcast personality—and believe that magic is real.

The fifth and final book in the Blood, Bloom, & Water series takes the story ten years into the future, when the former champion of bloom is the only hope for the resurrection of lost friends and foes alike. With the help of a fallen angel, she might succeed—even if her wish comes with fatal consequences.