Home Is My Zapping Place (Witchy Expo Services Mysteries Book 3)


Witchy Expo Services. We host your convention, expo, or trade show—with a dash of magic!

Nimue Toothhaker is excited for the upcoming holidays because it means her daughter is coming home from human college for a visit—just in time for one of Witchy Expo Services’s biggest trade shows of the year: Home Adornment Expo. Unfortunately, due to a slight miscommunication, her daughter is bringing her dad and step-mom along as well, and Nimue’s parents decide to finally head home for a visit. Nimue may be operating a trade show for home décor, but her crowded townhouse couldn’t possibly spare another inch of space.

Hosting family for the holidays is made more complicated by Nimue exploring a potential romance with her co-Head Witch General Manager of Witchy ExS, especially when her family would expect him to be the last warlock Nimue ever thought of dating. The two are busy practically around-the-clock with the expo, but Nimue is determined that her new love interest won’t spend the holidays without her—even if they have to keep their own celebrations secret so her family doesn’t find out yet.

What neither expects is for the giant cauldron beneath the convention center to pose the biggest threat they’ve ever faced. Harnessing overflowing positive energy proves as potentially dangerous as dealing with an overflow of negative energy—and adding a shocking murder in a vendor booth to this volatile mixture is the last thing Witchy ExS needs. Nimue needs to discover the truth behind the disturbing act, as well as its connection to the cauldron itself, before she loses her home sweet home to go back to.