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Vampires and Video Games Release Day!

The fifth A Spooky Games Club Mystery is out today! Cable is headed back overseas, and Dahlia can’t follow him. Dahlia and Broomie have a full house now, with both Lien and the gargoyle boy moving in. Despondent Draven is battling a video game addiction when he’s accused of murder. Dahlia is out to defend her friend and find the real culprit in Vampires and Video Games.

If Dahlia Poplar wants to stay safe, she’s trapped back in Luna Lane for the foreseeable future. Though she’s happy to be home, her boyfriend is moving back to Scotland for good. But even though her own gargoyle blood showed that she and Cable Woodward are endgame, she can’t help but worry that the distance will drive them apart.

However, her love life isn’t all that’s on her mind. With a gargoyle boy to instruct in the ways of the world and a cousin witch she’s barely sure she trusts moving in, Dahlia has a crowded house for the first time in years. When the gargoyle starts playing video games with neighborhood children, Dahlia’s overjoyed to see him making new friends. When her vampire ex-boyfriend picks up a controller and starts his path toward game addiction, Dahlia is less enthused because Draven is no longer leaving his house at all. And her relationship with Cable might be the root cause.

Now a vampire lord is in town, accusing Draven of a gruesome murder after someone’s attempt to create a new vampire went wrong. It’s game over for one of Dahlia’s dearest friends unless she can level up to become a better sleuth and rescue the undead man from the actual final boss who committed the deed.

Order on Amazon (free in KU)! Paperback and Large Print paperback are available widely.


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