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If you haven’t read Melissa Giorgio‘s The Fading Dusk, you really should! Not only is it full of magic and adventure, but the sequel is coming out this summer.


…But this post isn’t about the sequel. It’s about a surprise novella in the Smoke and Mirrors series, one that’s both a perfect introduction to the world for new fans and a must-read for people who already love the world and its characters. (Although it’s largely about new characters!)

Today is the cover reveal for Melissa’s upcoming novella, By the Morning Light! It’s simply beautiful!! Add it to your Goodreads list today!

By the Morning Light - Melissa Giorgio - eBook - L

For Claudette and Emile Borde, living in the city of Ayres and working on their parents’ farm has never been enough. Influenced by stories of the past, in which magic was real and the dragons still lived, the siblings have always dreamed of leaving their city behind and embarking on their own adventures. But as squires training to become full-fledged knights, they must renounce magic, for it was magic that nearly tore the world apart during the old wars.

When the carnival comes to the city, Claudette meets Aeonia, and the two become fast friends. But Aeonia is no simple girl playing at fortune telling—she can wield magic, and it’s both breathtaking and volatile. Torn between upholding her duty as a squire and keeping a secret for her friend, Claudette must decide where her loyalties lie. Is this the adventure she’s always craved, or is she dooming her city and her loved ones by remaining silent?


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

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