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WIPMarathon #12

I’m writing this ahead of time, although hopefully I’ll be able to post my link. I’m off to ALA Midwinter today! (Not as a librarian. Just as a book lover. And an author, I suppose!)

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:  1. 85,589 words and 26 chapters in NOBODY’S GODDESS, latest round of revisions done and sent back to publisher

2. 88,514 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3 (first draft finished in November but first edits needed)

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 1. 85,048 words and 26 chapters in NOBODY’S GODDESS, FINAL round of revisions complete and sent back to publisher! (Looks like I did nothing, but I did re-read it in its entirety yet again!)

2. 88,514 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3… Oops. Yeah, I actually did nothing for that one!

WIP Issues This Month: Getting back into the groove of writing and/or editing. I did edit NOBODY’S GODDESS because I had a looming deadline, but somehow I just haven’t found the time and/or motivation to get to editing NEVER VEIL 3 like I need to.

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. Promoting my book is a lot of fun and I wish I could get paid to do that instead of work so much, ha.

2. You can find typos (very few) even after you’ve read a book a dozen times and like 10 others have edited it!

3. I really need to figure out how to get to the place between work-hard-on-manuscript-every-day and barely-do-anything-for-it-all-month.

4. I’m apparently afraid of diving into a big edit.

What distracted me this month while writing: Quite a lot! I helped my boyfriend move, so the packing, moving and unpacking took us a while. We’re headed to ALA Midwinter in Chicago today, too. My cover reveal for NOBODY’S GODDESS was so much fun! (And I love my cover!) You can see it all over my website, but in case you otherwise missed it:

Nobody's Goddess Cover Smaller

Goal for next month: I STILL need to add a new scene to NEVER VEIL 3 and fix a few things and then start the whole beginning-to-end read-through before passing it along to my beta. That’s been my goal for two months now and it just hasn’t happened. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been agent-less, too, and I feel sad thinking about how I’ll have nothing to query anytime soon, but I really need to finish NEVER VEIL 3’s initial edits before I get back to any of my on-hiatus manuscripts (or start something new). I also plan to start direct-subbing my project agents passed on last year soon.


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

16 thoughts on “WIPMarathon #12

  1. CONGRATULATIONS again on the impending pretty book release!!! The thought of editing is sooo intimidating, but once I start I can’t ever remember what all the fuss was about…until that last read through before submission anyway. 🙂

    Have a blast at ALA! (As if there were any other possible option! ^_^) And best wishes for getting starting on those edits. Because you will. Because you know we’re all going to stare at you until you do. 😉

    1. Wow, you commented so fast! 🙂 I tried replying to your post, btw, but I’m on my bf’s computer and am having issues. (I said I had problems sticking to the shiny new idea after it loses steam and that I love Gotham!) Yup… I definitely need to get started!

      Thanks! 🙂 I’m going to leave in a minute for the train!

  2. That cover is beautiful! I haven’t seen it until today. Congrats on your upcoming book release 🙂 And yeah, big edits can be scary. But they’re so worth it afterwards!

  3. Ahhh wish I was still in Chicago and we could meet up at ALA! But have funnnn!!

    And I’m so with you on struggling between work-hard-on-manuscript-every-day and barely-do-anything-for-it-all-month . I can’t seem to find an in-between. Oh, well.

    Your cover is so shiny! Congrats again!! Go diverse books! ❤

  4. Oh my gosh, I somehow missed your cover reveal but it’s STUNNING!!! O.o Absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations!

    And this: “I really need to figure out how to get to the place between work-hard-on-manuscript-every-day and barely-do-anything-for-it-all-month.” Ohhhh yes. When you figure it out, please post an entire blog about it, and I’ll print it, frame it, and hang it over my desk 😉

  5. Hi there! I’m Kristyn and am new to the #WIPMarathon group. Beautiful cover, congrats on your coming release. I hope you had a nice time in Chicago, I’d have loved to attend that event but Chicago is quite a long way from Texas. Also, I just got home from California (even farther from Chicago!).

    Good luck with next months goals!

    1. Hello and welcome to the group! 🙂 Thank you!

      Ha, well, it’ll be in California this summer, so that’s less of a commute! I think Texas has some pretty awesome book events, too.

      Good luck to you, too! I didn’t have a chance to check out many of the other members’ posts yet.


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