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2014 NYC Books of Wonder Visit (Fierce Reads)

A year ago I posted about my first Books of Wonder event in New York City, and now I can post about my second. My boyfriend and I try to visit NYC every year to see some of his family. Coincidentally, my best friend Melissa Giorgio, whom I’ve known since before I even met my boyfriend, is a local, so I get to visit her each year, too! (We met through old-fashioned handwritten letters a long time ago, believe it or not. And we’re both writers who beta for one another.)

This year I was in NY in time for the Fierce Reads stop there. Like last year, I hadn’t read any books by any of the authors showcased, although Melissa and our mutual friend, book blogger and writer River, love a number of their books so I’m quite familiar with them. Ann Aguirre, Caragh M. O’Brien, Marie Rutkoski and Emmy Laybourne were there to discuss their books, writing in general and random, amusing trivia about them. All of the books seemed marvelous, but I limited myself to two paperbacks, which I got autographed. I love hearing YA authors speak. They’re always entertaining and have such great things to share about writing. If I’m ever lucky enough to give a talk about Nobody’s Goddess, I hope I can speak as well as they do!


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