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WIPMarathon Report #7

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count: 1. 69,577 words and 28 chapters (NEVER VEIL 2)–working on post-beta edits

2. 3287 words and 1 1/2 chapters (New WIP)

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 1. 70,052 words and 28 chapters (NEVER VEIL 2)–first draft done and sent to publisher

2. 3287 words and 1 1/2 chapters (New WIP)–no progress made on this or even on the outline, *sigh*

WIP Issues This Month: I didn’t work on my WIPs at all on any day in August. (That last bit of editing on NEVER VEIL 2 was done in late July.) So my issues were… finding the time and motivation to do that. And I failed. Except I was busy with other things, too.

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. A month off from fiction writing hopefully doesn’t make me a failure as a writer.

2. Editing other writers’ works can help me step back from my own writing and get some perspective.

3. The longer I go without working on fiction writing, the harder it is to get back into the groove.

4. There is such a thing as too many story ideas.

What distracted me this month while writing: I spent a lot of time this month beta reading the last book in the Silver Moon Saga (it was over 110,000 words ^^), and it was bittersweet to say goodbye to the characters (until the next time I read it, which should be soon!) I’ve grown to love for years now. There were some periods in which I had more freelance work than others, and I did some editing for potential clients I’m excited (and nervous) about hopefully having a chance of working with. And… I got one of my dream freelancing opportunities! For at least the next month, if not longer, I’ll be a Daily Streaming Anime Reviewer for Anime News Network for three shows. My boyfriend and I also visited the Chicago Botanical Gardens for the first time earlier in the month, and it was a lot more fun than I even expected it to be.

Goal for next month: I did finish NEVER VEIL 2, but I didn’t get any work done on the outline for the new WIP. This month I already know I’ll be really busy for a week at least, so I don’t imagine I’ll get a lot of writing done. I still haven’t decided if I should dive into NEVER VEIL 3 yet or not–I’ve had enough of a break from the series to justify going back now–but I would like to finish the new WIP’s outline at minimum first. And if I start it beforehand, I’ll be breaking the NaNoWriMo rules if I work on it in November. Not that that’s important!


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

14 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Report #7

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah… But I’ve definitely been here before. And with beta reading taking up all my time I would have otherwise used for writing, I was at least still in the “fiction writing” mindset! I’m going to try to work on my new WIP outline at least a little today to slowly build myself back up.

  1. It really is difficult to get back into the groove of writing once you’ve stepped away from it for a while. And for me, “a while” is anywhere from two days to months. I will actually go exercise before diving back into a story I’ve been neglecting–THAT’S how difficult it is. Haha.

    Best of luck next month! (And in NaNoWriMo!)

    1. Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean. ^^; I’m trying to work my way back into it with at least a little completed on the new WIP outline each day from now on. (I’m actually working on it right now, *gasp* And then… I came online to check my email.) It’s not quite drafting yet, but I’m working my way there. Thanks!

  2. It definitely doesn’t make you a failure! We all need breaks from time to time. And motivation is so hard! Especially when you’re in the query trenches. So much truth in your lessons! I’ve been ignoring my story idea list for the most part. I’m afraid to even expand on anything for fear it might want more attention. (They’re like little lovable monsters!) Ooh, very good about the anime gig! And those are some gorgeous pictures! I’ve got to get to a botanical garden!

    Break the rules! ^_^ If I do NaNo this year, I’ll be breaking some rules, but I haven’t decided yet. Outlining totally counts as writing by the way, so you’re making more progress than you think. 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks! It’s just too easy for me to get into the non-writing groove, and I feel guilty about that. I can be pretty self-defeating! I think I’ve come to terms with the query trenches being over for me with this project (so over for me this year!). ;-;

      I can’t believe you’re juggling so many WIPs, but it happens–because we keep getting too many good ideas! ^^

      Yeah, go to a botanical garden; they’re fun! And thanks about the anime writing gig; I’m really excited about it.

      LoL Last year was my first official real year participating in NaNoWriMo and I “won” it (and got burnt out). I hate how you’re not supposed to even start a ms beforehand, though. Why can’t writing 50k be enough, whether you started it or not? 0_o

  3. *hugs* You’re not alone. It’s hard to get into the writing groove when you have many things going on, but I hope September would be better!
    Congrats on your new job!

    And your pictures of the botanical garden are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I’ve done this in the past (gone long periods without doing much writing), and I know it’ll be an uphill battle… But I’ll try! Thanks; it was very pretty there!

  4. You are definitely not a failure! Sometimes a break away from the WIP is precisely what is needed so you can come back to it fresh and with renewed zeal to write.

    Also, you review anime? That is so super awesome! I love anime although I haven’t watched a good series in age :/

    May September bring you all the words!

    1. I hope so! Thank you for the encouragement! 🙂

      Yup! It’s a very recent thing. I’ve watched anime for 19 years, but I’ve never been able to write professionally about it. (Yay!) There are a lot of good series I could recommend, but maybe you’re too busy to watch it? But Attack on Titan and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun are some of my favorites of the past few years if you’re looking for something to watch!

      Thanks–you too!


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