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The Soul Healer Release Day! (And There Are So Many E-books to Win!)

Those of you who have already read The Sight Seer and An Autumn Dream, books 1 and 1.5 in The Silver Moon Saga already probably know this, but The Silver Moon Saga is one of my favorite YA series of the past few years. But honestly, you guys might figure I’m biased, since my beta reader extraordinaire/best friend Melissa Giorgio wrote them, and I got to read them before anyone else.

Today is the day Silver Moon fans have been waiting for: Book 2 in the series, The Soul Healer, releases in Kindle e-book! (Paperbacks will follow shortly.)

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It’s been two months since Gabi Harkins first learned of demons and the mysterious hunters who battle them. After discovering a few unbelievable surprises about herself, she simply wants to settle into a normal routine that involves dating her boyfriend Rafe Fitzgerald, hanging out with her friends, and eating lots of dessert. But when her peaceful life is destroyed by the ultimate of betrayals, Gabi must rely on her wits—and a few new crazy friends—to survive her hardest challenges yet.

The sequel to The Sight Seer combines action, romance, and a healthy dose of humor as Gabi struggles to learn the truth about the secrets that surround her life.

To celebrate, Melissa and I are hosting a two-hour party tonight on Facebook from 6 pm to 8 pm US Eastern. Everyone is welcome to come, even if you can only drop by for a little bit. We’ll be giving away donated e-books from a number of lovely authors throughout the evening. I’m also donating a complete The Silver Moon Saga e-book set (well, the two books and one novella out so far!) myself. If you already have books 1 and/or 1.5, I’d be happy to send those to your friend’s Kindle while you just get the books you need if you like. We can create more fans together!


Click here to join the Facebook party!


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

2 thoughts on “The Soul Healer Release Day! (And There Are So Many E-books to Win!)

  1. I feel really horrible for never commenting on this! Thanks for advertising the release party (and the book, of course!), and for helping me co-host! We’re a great team, if I do say so myself. 😉


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