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Free YA Book Giveaway! The Sight Seer

This contest is OVER!!

I’m proud to announce the first ever giveaway on my blog:

The Sight Seer by Melissa Giorgio, a YA paranormal thriller


Gabi Harkins likes to think she’s a pretty normal sixteen-year-old. She goes to school, suffers though an awful part-time job, and deals with a bratty younger sister. But when a potential shoplifter morphs into a monster right in front of her, Gabi realizes her life is far from normal—especially when that monster follows her home and ends up battling a boy wielding a sword in her backyard.

The boy, Rafe Fitzgerald, is a member of Silver Moon, an organization devoted to eradicating demons before they kill humans. If this little bit of news isn’t earth-shattering enough, Rafe reveals that he needs Gabi’s help. As strong as Rafe is, he does not possess the Sight—a rare ability that allows a hunter to See through a demon’s glamour, enabling them to strike before the demon does. But guess who does?

While Gabi is reluctant to face another demon, she knows she owes Rafe big time for saving her. Together, they’re thrown headfirst into heart-stopping situations as they battle newer and more frightening demons. When she starts to fall for Rafe, Gabi knows her normal life is gone forever.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with my blog knows that Melissa is one of my best friends and beta reader. I had the pleasure of being one of the first The Sight Seer readers, and I remember being upset because she’d only sent me about half the book before going out of town—and I was salivating for more! You guys won’t have to wait to read it all.

So here’s the deal.

I’m giving away one e-book copy and one paperback copy of The Sight Seer. The contest is open internationally. You can enter for both, but on the off chance that you win both, I’ll ask you which you prefer to have and pick another winner for the other category.

The e-book copy is for the Kindle, so the winner will have to provide me with an e-mail address connected to his or her Kindle account. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still get the digital Kindle copy and read it via a free Kindle app for PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and web browsers.

 Click here to enter to win The Sight Seer e-book.

I’ll ship the paperback copy via the USPS to the address provided to me by the winner after a confirmation e-mail.

Click here to enter to win The Sight Seer paperback.

Contest ends June 14th, the projected publication date for The Sight Seer. Once the e-book is available, and the contest ends, I’ll send it to the winner after I confirm his or her Kindle e-mail address. The paperback copy may take a couple of weeks more, depending on when it’s available and how quickly it ships first to me and then to you. Enter both every day, and follow the instructions on Rafflecopter for even more chances!


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.


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