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Late to the Party or First One in Line?

I was trying to think of how many books I’ve read as soon as they came out. It’s a pretty limited number, and that small number is limited largely to sequels/prequels to books I already loved, or on occasion, a book by an author I know I already love. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a brand-new book by an new (or new to me) author anywhere near its release date.

It seems like I’m always “late to the party” when it comes to books. They have to get a lot of buzz and/or a recommendation from a friend before I bother to pick them up. It’s not that what the new (or new to me) authors have to offer doesn’t interest me–far from it–but it feels like I’ve always got a pile of books to read (probably because I literally do) as is, mostly books that others read months or even years ago and I’m just getting to. Fitting in a brand new book I’m not even sure I’ll like is hard when I’m already excited about the books I already have! But it does feel weird to be on the sidelines, to hear friends discuss a book you may not read for years if at all. (But of course, I do have friends who plow through books at a much faster rate than I do!)

I picked up ONE YA book last year that my friends hadn’t already read, and I wasn’t too impressed. (I read it a few months after it came out–I’d just read a summary online and got intrigued.) A few years ago, I did read another series that I liked and none of my friends have yet read (The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith, if you’re interested), but I think that covers the only YA books I’ve read that they haven’t. So maybe I’m not meant to explore the bookscape wilds without someone to light the path before me, and that’s okay. I may be late to the party, but I’ll get there someday!

That said, I’d love it if people read my first book as soon as it came out. 😉 But I understand that there are just too many exciting books out there to read!

Do you love discovering new favorites in brand new releases or are you still crossing old releases off of your to-read list?


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2 thoughts on “Late to the Party or First One in Line?

  1. If it’s a sequel, I usually want to read it as soon as it comes out (or before! Gotta love ARCs!) because I hate waiting to find out what happens. I’m so impatient! If it’s the start of a new series by a new author, I can usually hold off on reading it, unless there’s a lot of buzz about it or one of my friends LOVED it and tells me I HAVE to read it RIGHT NOW. I try to balance new stuff with stuff already in my to-read pile, but I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for shiny new books. 😉


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