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WIP Marathon 19

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:

1. Short story: 10,003 words (second and final round completed; just waiting on a proofread/publisher approval)

2. NOBODY’S LADY (NEVER VEIL 2): 67,652 words, 28 chapters (working on first round of publisher revisions)

Current report WC + CC/ SC:

1. Short story: 10,037 words (proofread completed and turned in to publisher–no more edits?)

2. NOBODY’S LADY (NEVER VEIL 2): 70,747 words, 28 chapters (first round of revisions completed and turned in to publisher)

WIP Issues This Month: As usual, not finding time or brain power to work on my own writing. (My eyes are acting up lately, too.)

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. I love how new scenes added in revisions can really add depth to a manuscript.

2. It seems like revisions are never done (until all of a sudden, they are).

3. I’m very picky about being in the right “mood” to work on my own writing; I can’t have a ton of things on my to-do list.

4. Editing is more fun than business writing.

What distracted me this month while writing: I had a lot of work again this month, including editing a long manuscript for a client that took up every moment of my work time not devoted to the usual clients. (I also finished editing my friend’s manuscript right before then–I’ve been busy editing!) I didn’t know I’d have that client last time I updated, so there was no way I’d complete the goals I set then.

I did go to the local Renaissance Faire, as I tend to do once a year! I just love the ambiance. I was a little sad I decided not to waste any money on a trinket like I usually get, though, but I had good food.

I found out the publisher of my short story has delayed the publication until next year! And I think I’m done approving it, so I probably won’t mention it again… Until I can finally announce it.

Goal for next month: I’ll be done editing for the client by the time September starts, so I think I can finally devote some time to a new manuscript. Maybe. I haven’t worked on one in almost a year. I’m not expecting second round of revisions for NOBODY’S LADY (which will most likely have a new title in time, by the way!) until October.


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

10 thoughts on “WIP Marathon 19

  1. I get picky about being in the “right mood” too. I’m not sure this is a good thing or not. Lol!

    Ren Faires are the best!! I bought a trinket the last time I went, but I didn’t get any new knives…maybe next time. We can’t buy everything.

    I’m excited to see what you’ll be working on next month!

    1. I wish I could pump out new books constantly. That would be so awesome. ;-; Stupid moods, ha.

      I love Ren Faires, too! 😀 They feel so magical.

      I hope I get to start something! Things always seem to come up… Thanks! 😀

    1. If it’s not my own working, it’s someone else’s I’m editing lately!

      😀 Thanks! I’m sad it got delayed, but it’ll be exciting when I can finally announce it!

  2. Oh what’s wrong with your eyes? 😦

    I can’t focus on writing when I have a ton of studying to do too, (but in other cases, it’s my sweet escape haha) but I hope you find both the time and the mood next month to write!

    I should get on a Ren Fair, haven’t been to one o_0

    I remember reading how Divergent grew and became something else just from edits, so it’s always a good thing, especially when the writer feels that way!

    Happy writing in September!

    1. Probably just computer eye strain, since I’m on my computer like 8-10 hours a day. ;-; I ought to get it checked out!

      Yes, you need to go to a Ren Faire! Chicago people come up to visit my nearby one in Bristol, WI! (…Except next weekend is its last weekend of the year, and I’m not sure you’re in Chicago yet–or if you’re going back!)

      Edits always improve the book! It’s just hard to face them sometimes.

      Thanks, you too!


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