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My New Project! Read Drowned Silence for Free!

A few NOBODY’S GODDESS readers have contacted me to ask about my next projects. Besides NOBODY’S LADY (July 2016) and NOBODY’S PAWN (February 2017) and a short story that will be published this fall (I can’t share the details yet!), I didn’t have any other news to share.

However, I decided to join Wattpad. You can read the prologue to NOBODY’S GODDESS there, as well as a scene from NOBODY’S GODDESS from the lord’s point of view–for FREE! Now I’m going to try serializing a short story there that won’t be published anywhere else. I’d love it if you read it and stayed tuned for future installments:


Living in a home dripping with silent tension, lonely teen Dylan finds refuge at school—until Kelsey is assigned to be his class project partner. Kelsey, the school outcast, is allergic to water, dresses in Gothic Lolita fashion and refuses to use technology from past the 19th century, which makes working together difficult to say the least.

Invited to Kelsey’s house during her sister’s Halloween party, Dylan uncovers a frightening connection between Kelsey and a death that took place on her property years before.

A serialized YA contemporary horror short story from the author of Nobody’s Goddess (the Never Veil Series).

Click here to start reading!


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.


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