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WIPMarathon 17

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:

1. Short story: 9988 words (first draft done and turned in to editor)

2. NOBODY’S LADY (NEVER VEIL 2) was returned to me this month and is ready for round one edits, but…

Current report WC + CC/ SC:

1. Short story: 9996 words (first round of revisions done and turned back in to publisher–I know, it seems like it barely changed, ha)–btw, I still haven’t been able to spill the beans on what this project is, but I hope I will be able to by this time next month!

2. …I haven’t even touched them yet.

WIP Issues This Month: Managing to work on my fiction writing or editing AT ALL.

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. I love celebrating a finished project! It was fun to have my book on display at BookCon and feel a little like a “real author.”

2. Editing other authors’ manuscripts is so rewarding and I wish I could do it more often. (I mean, I could OFFER to do it, but I can only afford to take on my beta readers’ for free. The rest I have to take on as clients, and I wish I could find more.)

3. You can go a LONG time without drafting a new project somehow. 😦

4. I can never manage to figure out how to cram in a lot of business writing work and fiction writing work in the same day. Even taking breaks, I’m just spent by the end of each day.

What distracted me this month while writing: So much! First off, you can read about my first author signing and my NY/BookCon trip here. After I got back from that, I had non-stop work writing to do, for better and for worse. (Seriously, I’m so tired out each day from work writing, I don’t have the brain power to work on fun writing.) I got to share some good news for my NEVER VEIL SERIES (read here). You’ll also notice the fabulous art I commissioned in my new banner. (Read more about that here.) I’ve also been to the cinema a lot this month, and it was my mom’s birthday and some things were really stressing me out. Just… Yeah, next to no fiction work done. (I did finish editing another author’s manuscript, but that was a paying job, so I was able to make time for it. At least that was fun, though!)

Oh, my comic spec script I worked on last month got rejected. I’d keep trying to submit it places, but finding a comic book publisher that takes spec scripts from authors without an artist is nigh-impossible.

Goal for next month: I do not see myself drafting at all this month because my time is limited and I have NOBODY’S LADY (NEVER VEIL 2) round one revisions due at the end of the month. So whenever I actually have the time and brain power to work on my own projects, that will get my full attention. I also want to edit my friend’s manuscript whenever I can, so I’ll at least be working on that, too. I might get my second round of edits for my short story this month, too, although I don’t anticipate those being major changes. Still, alas, this summer may not be the time when I finally write another manuscript after all.

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NEVER VEIL Announcements!

I’m pleased to announce that the second and third book in THE NEVER VEIL SERIES now have official titles and tentative release dates. I’d love it if you added it to your to-read list on Goodreads! Watch for the NOBODY’S LADY blurb to appear soon.

Nobody’s Lady (Book 2 in the NEVER VEIL SERIES), Tentative Release Date: July 2016


Nobody’s Pawn (Book 3 in the NEVER VEIL SERIES), Tentative Release Date: February 2017


Also, I just got word that NOBODY’S GODDESS was selected to appear in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide! You can now search the “Pick Up in Store” option (next to the “Add to Bag” button) to see if it’s stocked in a store near you. If it’s not there, wait a few weeks, or better yet, ask your local store to stock it for you to make sure you can find it.

Click here to look for NOBODY’S GODDESS at a B&N near you!

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BookCon 2015 and Another Visit to NYC

I made my first trek to BookCon on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. It was the day of my first signing as an author (mostly–I’d attended a local writer fair a week earlier, but that didn’t really count) and the day I got to meet a lot of awesomely supportive Month9Books authors and staff after talking to them online for so long. It was also the only day this trip that I got to hang with my fellow YA author, bestie and beta reader Melissa Giorgio, as she was busy attending BEA (lucky!) half the time I was there and working the rest.

NY May 2015 Saturday BookCon 004 (Medium)

It wasn’t my first rodeo as far as a book-only convention goes. I’ve twice gone to ALA’s conference when it was in Chicago. (Although I’m not a librarian, the show floor tickets are available to the public.) I think I was expecting it to be more like that, with ARCs flowing like water to all who pass by, but apparently that’s more of a BEA thing. There were ARCs and free books to be had, but they were much scarcer or you had to play a spin-the-wheel game to only get one per booth (although that made the whole thing kind of fun). Then again, I didn’t even arrive until early afternoon. I’d heard the morning was crazy crowded, but there was plenty of room to walk through the convention center by the time I got there.

There were events and signings going on throughout the day, and I should have gone to more, but I mistakenly (?) thought they’d be packed! The one event we did try to go to, a YA/kids fantasy panel with Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce, did fill up while we dared to leave the area for a few minutes, so we wound up having to listen from nearby and were mostly unable to see them.

NY May 2015 Saturday BookCon 011 (Medium)

There were a lot of pretty booths to look at, and I loved being a part of all of the book lovers’ energy and excitement. My signing was the last one Month9Books was doing on Saturday, and by that time (5:00, an hour before the show floor closed), a lot of people who had been there had left the building. Plus, I was a new author. A number of people came, but perhaps not as many as had come to earlier signings. I was genuinely excited to meet the new readers, who were (I think) mostly drawn in by my book’s fabulous cover design. One of my editors (whom I met for the first time) even said she met an eager reader earlier in the day who was really looking forward to my signing, which made me awestruck! I tried to be friendly to everyone who stopped by, although I know I can be awkward in social situations. (Shout-outs to Melissa and my boyfriend for sitting nearby and being my cheerleaders!)


While I signed, I met Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicki, authors of the incredibly popular Branded and Hunted, and they were super friendly and each got a copy of my book–and gave me signed copies of theirs! After the con, I met up with a few other Month9 authors and staff and enjoyed a dinner with the likes of A. Lynden Rolland, Donna Galanti, Elizabeth Holloway, Natalie Decker, Lindsay Leggett and Annie Cosby. (There were more at the dinner–including author/publisher Georgia McBride, but we sat in two separate groups and I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to the others.) It was my first time eating in a “diner” in NYC, and they served delicious food–and a lot of it. We talked about BookCon experiences (although some hadn’t attended yet, as they were signing Sunday), writing and general get-to-know-each-other stuff.

NY May 2015 Saturday BookCon 013 (Medium)

I did a number of bookish things this trip–my boyfriend’s and my 8th trip to NYC together. (He has family there we visit, although they weren’t even in town this trip, but we got to housesit for them.) We tried to keep the spending to a minimum, so we did a lot of free and cheap things. Looking at books is always free. (Buying them… Not so much, ha.) We visited The Strand, and I bought Magic Under Glass and an adorable cats-and-books tote bag. We also toured the NY Public Library and saw plenty of nifty things.


On Tuesday, June 2nd, we attended Adam Silvera’s launch party for his debut, acclaimed book, More Happy Than Not. (Lauren Oliver was the moderator, and there were a number of other authors, agents and editors milling about! I stood next to Alex London in the line to get Silvera’s autograph, although I was slow to recognize him and almost too chicken to ask him if I was right, ha.) It was the most crowded I’d ever seen a Books of Wonder event, as he has a lot of fans already (and he used to work at the store). Luckily, my boyfriend and I got there early, so we got front-row seats when the vast majority of people there had to stand! Not only did I get Silvera’s autograph (and gave him my business card–even though I felt embarrassed talking to him about my own writing), I managed to run into Oliver on her way out and asked for her to personalize the signed book of hers I’d bought there, and she kindly obliged. (I did talk to her a bit about my own writing, too.)


I also went to Japanese bookstores as I do every time I visit NY: Kinokuniya (both in Manhattan and near Mitsuwa in New Jersey) and Book Off! We also went to Nintendo World almost every day to collect Street Passes, and we saw a live taping of The Nightly Show one night, which was so fun.


See more of my trip pictures at my FB page and on my (new) Instagram!

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WIPMarathon 16

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:

1. 88,544 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3 (I’d just started making changes based on beta’s suggestions, but I had to set it aside to work on short story)

2. Short story: 4399 words

3. Comic spec script done (one issue written a couple of years ago with nowhere to submit it to), but no outline for entire series

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 88,805 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3 (edits based on beta’s suggestion complete and turned in to publisher)

2. Short story: 9988 words (first draft done and turned in to editor)

3. Comic spec script, pitch and outline complete (2251 words for outline/pitch), turned in to Oni Press for their open submissions period (it’s rare to find a comic publisher that will accept pitches from writers without artists).

WIP Issues This Month: Juggling fiction writing, work writing and travel nervousness.

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. I can somehow juggle multiple projects at once.

2. I can go a long time (over a year!) without an agent and prospects for my future writing but apparently still feel okay about it. (A successful new release helps with that!)

3. Writing for the comic medium is interesting; your descriptions are only going to be seen by an artist and editor, so you have to rely on visual cues and dialogue alone to tell the story.

4. People can have vastly differing views on your writing. (It seems obvious, but they really, really can!)

What distracted me this month while writing: I’m posting this ahead of time because I’m due at Book Con in NYC Saturday to sign NOBODY’S GODDESS! 0-0 (Hopefully I’ll make it in time to add my name to the blog list.) It’s going to be amazingly fun as both a reader and a writer. I’m also just touring NY (as I tend to do yearly to visit my bf’s family) for a week! I didn’t have as much work this month, but I was still busy–I got a fellow author client (my favorite kind!) and have been working on editing a manuscript for her. I also attended a small local authors fair back home before I left for NY. Plus, Amazon selected NOBODY’S GODDESS as a feature in one of their newsletters and sales have really picked up this month. I’m excited to have all these new readers!

Goal for next month: I have my first round edits for the short story due in a couple of weeks (and may be able to announce what that’s all about next month). If I get first round edits for NEVER VEIL 2, I can start working on that, but I’m not sure when those are coming. It might be time to get back into manuscript drafting and tackle that YA suspense I wanted to start over from scratch… I don’t know… I have some editing to do for other authors as well.

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The NOBODY’S GODDESS Chapter x Chapter Blog Tour


NOBODY’S GODDESS is out in the wild! It’s surreal and a little nerve-wracking, but I’m definitely excited. Thanks to all the friends, family and professionals along the way who helped me become the writer I am and let me share these characters I love so much with all of you!

The two-week blog tour hosted by Chapter By Chapter has begun! I’d love for you to read all the interviews and guest posts I did for the tour, as well as to read a special exclusive scene from the lord’s POV. I’ll link to those below and update as they appear, but there are also reviews on the blog tour, too, so be sure to check out the link to Chapter By Chapter so you can read all of those as well.

Month9Books is doing a giveaway for the tour and offering up five digital copies, so be sure to enter!

Skye’s Scribblings: The men and their masks

Literary Meanderings: Interview

Danasquare: Interview

WS Momma Readers Nook: Interview

A Book Addict’s Bookshelves: Humorous publication story

Kimber Leigh Writes: Character profiles

Next Page Please!: What if Noll was a young man?

Mythical Books: Magic and love in fantasy stories

Two Chicks on Books: An exclusive scene from the book told from the lord’s POV

I’m Lost in Books: Diversity in fantasy

We Do Write: Interview

For a full list of all of the blog tour stops, click here.

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Blog Hopping for Nobody’s Goddess

Thanks to the awesomeness of other authors, bloggers and book websites, I’m going to be stopping by a number of sites to promote NOBODY’S GODDESS over the next few months. Most of these will take place near my book’s release, but it started back in March. I was asked a lot of fun and challenging questions for interviews, so if you’re interested in NOBODY’S GODDESS and writing in general, check them out.

Author Crush Friday (Glitter Magazine)

Anime Meets YA (The Dragon Sisters)

Fresh Take (Fresh Fiction)

WOW Wednesday (Adventures in YA Publishing)

Wednesday Debut Interview (Operation Awesome)

Diversity in YA

Dear Teen Me

Write All Year Pep Talk (Patchwork Press)

Author Suzanne van Rooyen Interviews Me (Month9Books Blog)

Submission Hell, It’s True (Mindy McGinnis’ Blog)



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Team Gold: YA Scavenger Hunt Stop

The Spring 2015 YASH is over! Good luck to everyone! All the giveaways are over! Congrats to the winners. Thanks for playing on:


 The deleted scene is gone, but I hope you’ll still support Katherine Longshore’s BRAZEN!
Find out more information by checking out Katherine’s website, her Twitter or her Facebook page. And buy Brazen here!
Mary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family. But when she’s married off to Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, she rockets into the Tudor court’s inner circle. Mary and “Fitz” join a tight clique of rebels who test the boundaries of court’s strict rules with their games, dares, and flirtations. The more Mary gets to know Fitz, the harder she falls for him, but is forbidden from seeing him alone. The rules of court were made to be pushed…but pushing them too far means certain death. Is true love worth dying for?
As a bonus, I’m having my own YASH Giveaway for anyone who stopped by. Win an e-book of NOBODY’S GODDESS (Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another e-reader), one of five NOBODY’S GODDESS stickers sent to your address, or an e-book of Melissa Giorgio‘s THE SIGHT SEER (Amazon only)! (She’s over on Team Pink.) If you’re only entering for a chance to win a sticker (if you don’t have an e-reader), you can pass on the e-book and get a sticker instead should you win.

Click here to enter my exclusive Rafflecopter Giveaway

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WIPMarathon #14

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:  88,294 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3 (almost done with first edits)

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 88,537 words and 36 chapters in NEVER VEIL 3 (first edits complete, sent off to beta, but I haven’t had a chance to go over her edits for the first few chapters yet)

WIP Issues This Month: Finding time to work on it, really. I did devote a few weeks to proofreading my friend’s book instead (while she worked on beta’ing mine and wrote another manuscript–she’s a busy bee!), but it was really hard for me to find time to edit at all, let alone write. I guess that’s good that I’ve been busy with work. (I’ve also been busy gearing up for NOBODY’S GODDESS promotions!)

Four things I learned this month in writing: 1. Working had on first edits is worth it–my beta reader noticed I’d improved on certain issues!

2. It can be hard to balance the time you spend on your writing with all the work and other stuff you need to do–even when you’re really trying to fit it all in. (*same lesson as last month, lol)

3. Promoting my book is fun but time-consuming.

4. I certainly take a lot of time off between writing manuscripts sometimes.

What distracted me this month while writing: Work and proofreading for a friend. Month9 put together a blog tour for NOBODY’S GODDESS that will start late next month and I made it into the Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt in early April! Fellow WIP Marathoner Suzanne van Rooyen is even on the same team. (Team Gold!)

Goal for next month: I need to do edits to NEVER VEIL 3 as my beta reader’s suggestions come in, but she’s really busy, so we might not finish in April. I intend to do even more promotion for NOBODY’S GODDESS since it’s release month: April 21st! I still don’t feel up to going back to writing something new, unless opportunities come up. Right now my goal is to get back into writing this summer.

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Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt

I’ve always thought the twice-a-year YA Scavenger Hunt was amazing, and I’m so excited that I’m participating this year on Team Gold!

Team Gold (2)

But wait! That’s not all! My beta reader and best friend, Melissa Giorgio, is in it for the second time on Team Pink with the second novel in her Silver Moon Saga, The Soul Healer.

Pink Team

Of course, we’re far from the only groups! This event looks bigger than ever! Watch the YA Scavenger Hunt page for more info and see how many other Month9Books authors you can spot on the other teams:

Team Red 1 Team Purple 1 Team Orange Team Green Blue Team 1Team Teal (2)