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JOSIE’S COAT’s Book (Novelette) Birthday!

It seems like I just had a book birthday. (I did, actually. FALL FAR FROM THE TREE came out this past Tuesday!) Today, JOSIE’S COAT, my YA sci-fi novelette, releases!



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A woman with shoulder bones as sharp as an eagle’s talons—bones almost protruding from her skin—opens her mouth as wide as it’ll go, impossibly wide, consuming the pill that takes both of her arms to cradle. The nourishment makes her thin stomach pop out like she’s pregnant with a child so large it’ll burst through her stomach. She swallows slowly and licks her lips. Her eyes search around hungrily for more.

That dream again.
Josie is skilled at her job as an “unfortunate” who inhabits the bodies of her clients to perform their work while they sleep, but her coworkers’ cruel jealousy over her success leads to her enslavement and the loss of her dream-worker status. A YA sci-fi reimagining of the tale of Jacob’s favorite son Joseph, his dreams, and his famous coat.

A novelette by the author of The Never Veil Series and Fall Far from the Tree.

It’s a short read, but I hope you’ll find it interesting! It was inspired by my love for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


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Announcing My New Short Story in a Charity Anthology

My new forthcoming short story, JOSIE’S COAT, will appear in Month9Books’ charity anthology, IN THE BEGINNING, out October 25, 2016. Some of the anthology proceeds will be donated to WriteGirl, a Los Angeles-based non-profit agency that empowers young women writers through mentorships, workshops and classes. The anthology consists of YA speculative fiction retellings of Bible stories. I was a huge fan of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as a middle schooler, so that was the story that sparked my imagination:

Author Amy McNulty’s story, Josie’s Coat, reimagines the tale of Jacob’s favorite son Joseph, his dreams, and his famous coat (Genesis 37). Josie, a dream-worker, is great at her job and her coworkers’ cruel jealousy leads to her enslavement and the loss of her dream-worker job—but even that can’t stop her terrifying visions of what’s to come.

The “dream-worker” part was also influenced by an idea I’ve had when I’m tired from a day of working: How I wish I could get my work done while I slept and save my working hours for something fun! This is what happens in Josie’s world, but only a select few can benefit from this arrangement.

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