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It’s here! THE SHADOW STEALER, The Silver Moon Saga Finale

I’m thrilled to announce that long-time fans of The Silver Moon Saga by Melissa Giorgio can finally get their hands on The Shadow Stealer, the last book in the series. Melissa and I have been best friends for about half our lives, and we’re each other’s first beta readers, so I feel almost as invested in Gabi, Rafe, Evan, Phil, Kain and all the rest as she does.

And come on. You know you’re dying to know what happens!

Buy the e-book today, and watch for the paperback soon!

For those of you who’ve yet to start the series, pick up the first book, The Sight Seer, today to see what all the excitement is about!

The Shadow Stealer (Medium)

Ever since that fateful night Gabi Saw her first demon, she’s been questioning who and, better yet, what she is. When given a chance to find the answers she seeks, she seizes it, even if it means putting herself—and her beloved friends—in danger.

From upstate New York to the streets of Manhattan, Gabi chases after the truth that has, until this point, remained out of reach. But when her whole world shatters, Gabi wonders if it would have been better to remain ignorant. Because once you know the truth, there’s no going back.

In the final installment of the Silver Moon Saga, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for Gabi and her friends, and no one’s guaranteed a happy ending. Will Gabi triumph or will the shadows claim her for their own?


Author of YA speculative fiction and cozy paranormal mysteries.

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