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My First NaNoWriMo


Okay, so I’ve known about NaNoWriMo for years. In fact, I’ve used it and my friends’ participation as the motivator for a couple of unofficial spurts of writing over the years. Instead of signing up with a profile and seriously aiming for 50,000 words in a month, I set my own goal: write for at least 30 minutes a day in November. It worked for me. Of course, that was the manuscript that’s permanently retired and is a total mess (120,000 words and not even halfway done, ha), but it was also the manuscript I mined small passages and inspirations from to form my first completed manuscript, so it wasn’t for naught. Plus, just practicing writing was helpful.

I have written 50,000 words in under a month twice for both of my completed manuscripts. Once I finally got on the inspiration-train, they took off and poured out of me. But both those times weren’t in November or part of NaNoWriMo. Just feeling like I “have to” write 50,000 words in a month has kept me from participating before. (Not like the WIPMarathon, where you could set your own goal, no matter how big or small, whether writing or editing.) Because then I get depressed on those days where I don’t write enough words or I can’t write at all.

But I have a new WIP I’ve been thinking about since late August I’d like to get drafted somewhat soon. The past couple of months have been crazy, so all I have to show for it is one paragraph (I had the opening lines in my head right away) and about 2/3 of an outline. I meant to get to work sooner (although I’m taking a detour to write a fun short story), but I just haven’t been able to. So why not? I’ll do my best to finish the outline before November and make it my NaNoWriMo entry. (Sorry if I “break the rules” by having 150-ish words written before November begins, ha. I promise not to count myself as a “winner” unless I get 50,150+ words done.) I will NOT feel sad if I don’t get 50,000 words done. I will NOT force myself to work on Thanksgiving and every single day in the month. I’m just… writing.

So add me if you’re partcipating!

I actually wrote a pitch for the WIP while I was at it. That’s a first for me. (I don’t often share pitches online before I’ve even written anything!)



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5 thoughts on “My First NaNoWriMo

    1. Oo, are you going to participate too then? (In a no-stress way like I hope to? I know you’re not keen on the “you have to write 50k words!” either!) Heh heh, thanks. I hope I can figure out a way to bring it all together and write it so you can read it!

      1. Glad you could understand my comment since I meant to say, “I can’t WAIT to read this one”. (Where is the edit button?!)

        Yep, I’m planning on doing my own version of NaNo, just like you! But I won’t be signing up on the actual website. That’s a potential distraction right there!

      2. XD I didn’t even notice the typo. My brain corrects them. 😛

        I thought WIP Marathon might be a distraction, but participating actually made things happen! So I’m not too worried about the Nano profile distracting me. I do worry I won’t be able to finish 50k, though!

      3. You’re better than me. If I join the site, I already know I’ll spend most of my time updating and looking at profiles. That, and I’ll end up forcing myself to write 50,000 words in the month, which I don’t want to do. 😉

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